Fashion && Field Trips

So, yesterday, we went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was pretty cool, except that a bunch of immature dorks were laughing at all the nude statues of women and men. I mean, it was pretty sad. They were taking pictures (no flash allowed) and snickering and everything, and my friend was shaking his head and was like, "Bill, haven't you ever seen a porno?" and that really cracked everyone up, and Bill turned bright red. After that, the rest of the school day was pretty much boring (biology, world history, yada yada). I mean, there is absolutely no point in taking English class!! So, our vocab will improve. SO?? I bet I can name like, ten famous people who have great vocabulary without taking English classes. Okay, so I can't. Whatev.

I just got back from shopping. I must admit defeat to my sacrifice of buying knockoffs. I found a black Louis Vuitton scarf in Canal Street that I couldn't resist. I mean, once you see Canal Street and its multitude of knockoffs, it's kind of hard to not buy anything. I guess it's that way with shopping. You see something, you buy something. Anyway, I have no idea what to wear it with, but it was five dollars and the monogramming was like, the exact same as a real one, so I had to indulge. I might wear it as a belt. I got that idea from the Clique, btw. Their fashion ideas are so cute!! Mismatched boots, ties/scarves as belts, earrings pinned to blazers, etc. Lisi Harrison is a geeeenius.

I also bought a pair of beeeeyoutiful shoes at Payless. Who cares if you pay less? LOL. They're totally gorgeous. I forgot what brand they were...Bogo, I think. Well, if my stupid USB and computer weren't broken or slow, maybe I'd be able to show you guys. But my parents are too lazy and they're like, "you don't need to show the world your shopping treasures." YES!! I DO!! Whatev. They're these wedges and they look almost looks fabulous, although I can't wear them yet because we're still getting a dose of cold weather.

I've decided to take interest in DIY projects. My best friend Rachel recently turned and ugly floral sack dress (you couldn't tell the skirt apart from the arm sleeves, I swear!!) into a gorgeous sleeveless dress. All she did was cinch it, trim the sleeves, made the skirt shorter (who wants to wear a floor-length floral sack??) so it reached her knees, and added a pink ribbon across the front. Rachel works wonders with a needle. All I do is poke myself ten times a minute. What a talent, huh? (:

Lata. <3
P.S. What I'm wearing (I love to do these): My going-out-to-eat-lunch-at-panera-bread outfit...which happens to be: a fabulous black and cream striped sweater from Anthropologie that Sierra HATES. She says it makes me look like an inmate. Screw you. It looks cute with my Hollister jeans (they're so comfy!!), my cream-colored ankle boots (Herberger's), my black chandelier earrings (Kenneth Jay Lane-Neiman Marcus), and my Jimmy Choo bag which you can view below...and its contents. God, I'm hungry. It's past noon!!