I am sorry to say that I have to be leaving Blogger. Too many people from my school have found out, etc, etc. I have to stop this blog before it spirals out of control. It's been fun.


Fashion && Field Trips

So, yesterday, we went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was pretty cool, except that a bunch of immature dorks were laughing at all the nude statues of women and men. I mean, it was pretty sad. They were taking pictures (no flash allowed) and snickering and everything, and my friend was shaking his head and was like, "Bill, haven't you ever seen a porno?" and that really cracked everyone up, and Bill turned bright red. After that, the rest of the school day was pretty much boring (biology, world history, yada yada). I mean, there is absolutely no point in taking English class!! So, our vocab will improve. SO?? I bet I can name like, ten famous people who have great vocabulary without taking English classes. Okay, so I can't. Whatev.

I just got back from shopping. I must admit defeat to my sacrifice of buying knockoffs. I found a black Louis Vuitton scarf in Canal Street that I couldn't resist. I mean, once you see Canal Street and its multitude of knockoffs, it's kind of hard to not buy anything. I guess it's that way with shopping. You see something, you buy something. Anyway, I have no idea what to wear it with, but it was five dollars and the monogramming was like, the exact same as a real one, so I had to indulge. I might wear it as a belt. I got that idea from the Clique, btw. Their fashion ideas are so cute!! Mismatched boots, ties/scarves as belts, earrings pinned to blazers, etc. Lisi Harrison is a geeeenius.

I also bought a pair of beeeeyoutiful shoes at Payless. Who cares if you pay less? LOL. They're totally gorgeous. I forgot what brand they were...Bogo, I think. Well, if my stupid USB and computer weren't broken or slow, maybe I'd be able to show you guys. But my parents are too lazy and they're like, "you don't need to show the world your shopping treasures." YES!! I DO!! Whatev. They're these wedges and they look almost looks fabulous, although I can't wear them yet because we're still getting a dose of cold weather.

I've decided to take interest in DIY projects. My best friend Rachel recently turned and ugly floral sack dress (you couldn't tell the skirt apart from the arm sleeves, I swear!!) into a gorgeous sleeveless dress. All she did was cinch it, trim the sleeves, made the skirt shorter (who wants to wear a floor-length floral sack??) so it reached her knees, and added a pink ribbon across the front. Rachel works wonders with a needle. All I do is poke myself ten times a minute. What a talent, huh? (:

Lata. <3
P.S. What I'm wearing (I love to do these): My going-out-to-eat-lunch-at-panera-bread outfit...which happens to be: a fabulous black and cream striped sweater from Anthropologie that Sierra HATES. She says it makes me look like an inmate. Screw you. It looks cute with my Hollister jeans (they're so comfy!!), my cream-colored ankle boots (Herberger's), my black chandelier earrings (Kenneth Jay Lane-Neiman Marcus), and my Jimmy Choo bag which you can view below...and its contents. God, I'm hungry. It's past noon!!

My Bag (inspiration from Alex Richards..haha)

Sorry, Alex, I'm stealing your idea. Although I can't upload pics from my camera because I have a problem with the USB and my computer. :P It's messed up, I know. I guess you could say that my computer is messed up. I'll have to show you stuff the old fashioned way (a.k.a. off the internet).
This is my bag. Jimmy Choo Ramona Patent Ring bag from Saks Fifth Avenue. I actually found it on the Neiman Marcus website, which is weird...anyway, isn't it gorgeous?? I actually got it for my birthday, and on the NM website, it says that it's over a thousand dollars. :P Sorry, Mom!! LOL, not that I mind. Anyway, inside of my bag is:

1. MY CELL PHONE. I couldn't find any pictures, but I'll tell you this much: it's a black Nokia camera flip phone, and it's not fat or anything, but it's not like, as thin as the RAZR.
It's pretty good. The battery lasts long, it's good quality...blah, blah blah. I'm not writing a review or anything.
2. GUM. It's Stride...Forever Fruit!! Yum!! I love chewing on this. It's so delish. (: I frankly don't have anything to say about this except that you've got to try it if you haven't. I finished one pack in like, a week.

3. IT GIRL BOOK. Great novel, even though I haven't finished reading it yet!! After this, I'm so getting Bratfest at Tiffany's from the Clique series. (: I love Cecily von Ziegasar, she's a great author. I haven't read Balk Talk by Alex Richards yet...but I'm planning to read it as soon as I can find it!! I promise!! LOL.

4. COVERGIRL WETSLICKS FRUIT SPRITZERS IN GUAVA SPLASH. Mmm, I love this!! Great lip gloss, it's not sticky like MAC or anything (no offence). You should seriously consider this.

5. SHEER COVER. Uhh, I couldn't find a picture in my exact skin tone, but Sheer Cover actually works. It's pretty awesome. Just like the commercial, lol, since commercials usually lie (EX: You'll never have to use makeup again!! or Don't vote for Hillary Clinton, she is lying about all that she's proposing!!)...

6. MY WALLET. It's a Dooney and Burke knock-off from Canal Street. Yes, I'm attracted to knock-offs that look very real. (: I once saw this Chanel bag and it looked like the same exact thing, so I had to buy it. Right? I mean, a Chanel bag. The actual thing probably costs 2000, & the faux costs $25.

7. MY CAMERA. I couldn't find a pic of it (again), sorry. Besides, it's not like I'm able to take a picture of my camera. Well, I could. If I used someone else's camera...augh, forget it. I don't have time to do that. Besides, it's not like you're going to suffer if you don't see what my camera looks like. Right? Well, if you do suffer, then you've got some serious issues.

8. ORANGE TIC-TACS. It's delish!! I love it. Huh. I just suddenly realized that I have tic-tacs and gum in my bag. Should I try them together? Since they're both fruity-flavored? This should be Anyway, I prefer orange above any other kind of Tic-Tac. Idk why...I guess I'm weird like that.

Well, that's my bag!! :P Wow, this is a seriously long post. I better go, I have volleyball practice today, even with no school.

Lata. <3

What I'm wearing:
my volleyball uniform. Duh. A.K.A. : gray shorts (with Clair written on the butt in black!! Too cute!! LOL it was personalized), navy t-shirt (from the hockey arena), white knee pads (Dick's Sporting Goods), white socks (Walmart, Hanes), white and navy Adidas sneakers (Dick's Sporting Goods), and a pair of black sweatpants over my shorts, because its freakin cold outside (hollister). (:

best of the grammys

Ohmygod, I love this!!!! I have no idea why. Beyonce looks GORGEOUS, except for her hair. No offence, but I'm not really...seeing how it's appropriate for the Grammys. She's richer than me, so she should've been able to afford to stop by at her hairdresser. Whatever. The silver is so cute with the baby blue. I'd buy this dress ANY DAY.

Wow, Colbie Calait (did I spell that right? God, I'm so bad with names, it's unbelievable!!) looks very cute and sunny. She really brightened up the red carpet. Look at the clutch!! Luvv it to death!! Her shoes are fantastic. Dammit, she's brilliant!! The flower adds a touch of femininity that gives a softer and cuter look. Love it X10000!!! 10000/10!

Another yellow dress, with Fergie!! Although the cleavage is a little to bold, I love her hair, necklace, and shoes. No doubt that yellow is a trend here. Sorry, Beyonce! But you could use a few hair tips from Fergie and Colbie. ^^

Did anyone besides MOI watch the Grammys? Loved Rihanna's and Kanye West's performance. :]

Lata. <3

The Jimmy Choo of My Eye

I love this shoe to death!! I saw this in Barneys a few months ago and it took me forever to find online but I finally did on Sugarloot!! It's amazing. ^^ I'm not too sure what I would wear it with, though.

I could wear a gold twist front dress with emerald green accents...or maybe a thrilling white Grecian dress with crystals? I know a few bratty bitches who would die without Swarovski. Oh well. I dunno. Give me your opinion. What should I wear with it? TELL ME.

Although I know I'm probably not going to ever get these shoes, I can dream, can't I? Somehow I'll find a design that's very similar to this one. I always seem to find one. This might have taken me a month to find online, but in no time, with your help, I'll find what I truly need. Wow. -_- That sounded like a cheesy ad. LOL. BTW, sorry I haven't been showing anyone any pics of my outfits, but I can't seem to find the USB for my camera, and that might be a problem. I'll upload my too cute outfit from yesterday as soon as possible!!

Lata. <3
P.S. WHAT I'M WEARING: (this is what I wore to school, babyy!)
-printed hoodie from Asos (pink, orange, yellow, light green, white)
-yellow tank from Target
-dark wash Frankie B jeans from Neiman Marcus
-lucky white Converse sneakers Why are my sneakers lucky? Well, all my friends signed their names on it in a multitude of colors, so they totally match my hoodie. I went for a tomboy look today, but I think it's not bad. Not bad at all, my pretty. ^^

The Handbag of my Eye

When I saw this bag at Nordstrom, I fell in love!! Too bad it's way out of my budget. :( Oh well. Do you know how cute it would look with the gold sequined dress I bought at Bebe for like, $20 (it was on sale)? Too cute. And throw on a pair of black kitten heels and you've got yourself a definite red carpet 10.

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else? Or do they think this is totally UGLY? Tell me what you think. It looks a little old lady-ish if you look at it for a while, but if you keep staring at it, you suddenly realize how ah-mazingly ah-dorable this would look with a sequined gold dress that has a black bow in the back. And some kitten heels from Manolo Blahnik, of course.

I can't stop thinking about this!! It's like, a disease. MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT TOO CUTE HANDBAG.

I'm going to indulge in an illegal shopping crime and start hunting for a knock off. I know, I know, I'm stooping way too low. But I have to have it!! And I'm sure its faux twin is sitting somewhere on a hanger on Canal Street. I just have to find out where...

Lata. <3

R.I.P. Heath (again I'm late)

This has become somewhat of a habit. Being late, I mean. I've got to stop this!! It should've been my new year's resolution, but it's too late. Whatever. I can give up being late for Lent or something. Isn't that what you do?!?! Give up something for Lent? I should give up school for Lent. =P Anyway, to more important news...

...Heath Ledger died! Everyone probably knows about the autopsy and everything so I'm not going to plunge into any details. But it's so sad. He was a great actor, and I totally LOVED Brokeback Mountain!!!!! =( I swear, my sist
er was probably crying more than his parents. She begged my mom to stay home from school. Wow. I love Heath Ledger (Especially in 10 Things I Hate About You!!), but I'm not like, obsessed or anything. Unlike my sister. Don't tell her I said that, btw.

Anyway, I went shopping (AGAIN) yesterday. Get used to it, people. I shop a lot. A LOT. Maybe I should give up shopping for Lent. No, I'd probably suffer from lack of shopping or something. =) Let's see if the doctor can write up a prescription for that! I went to Urban Outfitters and bought this adorable dress to your left. How cute is this? I love it. It would look great with a black necklace & some black flats, right? Tell me what you think!! (The model is equally pretty too ^^)

What I'm wearing:

-green and blue polka-dot pajama pants (Aero)

-a light blue cami (Aero)

-fluffy green slippers (Walmart)

Aww, yeah!! This is like, the best outfit ever. LOL.
My mom is calling me for dinner. I smell shrimp...
...Lata. <3

Happy (I'm late as usual) MLK Day!!

Oops, I guess I'm a little late to be wishing everyone a happy Martin Luther King Day. =P I have a tendency to be late at everything. Who else has this problem?? Probably no one else, I'm guessing. Oh well. We had a fabulous 4 day weekend, and a not-so-fabulous 4 day weekday for school. It appears that all my history teacher can think about is pop quizzes and homework. Wait--isn't he the one who taught us the golden rule: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated? Yeah, I'm so sure that he'd want pop quizzes and loads of f-ing homework each night. That was sarcasm, by the way.

I went shopping (again) last week because we had Friday off (School Improvement Day or something...frankly, I didn't see any improvements when I came back on Tuesday). :] I have a slight (haha, yeah, right...more like MAJOR) addiction to shopping, it appears. I bought a pair of gorgeous red pants at Plato's Closet (and sold some old jeans there), this way too cute dress from Aeropostale (in Meridian Green-imagine that!), and a bubble tee with a scoop neck from American Eagle (in New Grey).

Aah, my cell phone is vibrating!! What kind of cell phones do you guys have? I wish I had something cool like a Sidekick or an enV or a Helio. Or even the iPhone or that new LG Voyager (dammit, I want that so bad!!). But I'm stuck with this crappy Nokia flip phone (okay, I admit, it's not crappy, it's pretty thin, and the connection, signal, and battery are great) that's black and no one's ever heard of it. I guess it's not that bad, but still...if you have something ultra cool (I guess the RAZR could fit my 'cool' description), talk to me. We can switch phones. :]

Ooo, I got a text message!! How exciting.

I better respond.
Lata. <3


Happy Martin Luther King Day!! I'm not grounded anymore. :]]]]] So put that in your juice box and suck on it. LMAO.

I'm so tired. Friday was really weird because this kid in our class was moving to Singapore for three years. His dad got a job there or something. He's not even Asian. I think his dad works for I totally right?!?! Anyway, we had a farewell party for him. If you call Coke and one sugar cookie a party. I mean, it was kind of lame. No offense to whoever planned it. Anyway, everyone in my class signed this basketball, and it had like, 200 signatures or something. Yeah, that's something he's going to treasure forever. :P Some kid actually wrote, "I hope they have basketball in Singapore."!?! of course they have basketball in Asia!

Last night I stayed up until 1 (that's not my record, btw, my record is 12 PM) watching movies. 1 AM is like, nothing for me. I usually stay up until midnight on weekdays, which oddly, amazes some people. :]

I g2g. My stomach is growling...and the TV isn't going to watch itself, right? :]]


Going on hiatus. Sorry, everyone!! I'll be back, but the thing is, I got grounded for a while. :( Sorry!! Be back later!!

the usual

I'm leaving for school in about twenty minutes, so be prepared for a short entry. LOL, not really, I'm not a slow typer. What's the point of school, anyway? Okay, you become more smarticle (LOL)...but, who loves school? I guess I can pick out a few education obsessed freaks in my classes. But what I don't get is why people love it that much?????

Well, I have to go. Actually, this was pretty short compared to my other entries. LOL. Sorry!!! I'm nervous, anyway. We have our finals today!!! :( I'm wearing my lucky outfit: black blazer (unbuttoned), printed cami underneath over a tank top, dark wash Frankie B jeans, and Juicy Couture flats. :) Wish me luck!!

Cross your fingers for me.
Lata. <3

school =P

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! we had to start school again yesterday!!!! Ugh, I'm so tired and sleepy & I watched MTV all night last night. Now my mom is making me wake up early because she doesn't want me to be almost late like yesterday. Whatever, MOM!!! I hate school. Who doesn't? Well, maybe hate is a strong word (hahahaha), but seriously, who actually enjoys going to school & being tormented by the ultra evil Mrs. Frecklier every day? Well, I don't have her in my classes every day, just on Thursdays I don't. Ohmygod, I live for Thursdays!!

Well, I went shopping (again). Barneys is the best, even though they're super duper expensive. I know, I sound like a shopaholic bitch, but that's me!! I bought this cute facial kit at Barney's, and that's it because I couldn't afford anything else. :) Then I went over to Sbarro and had lunch (btw, this was on Sunday). Mmm, I love Sbarro!! Then me & my sister went to Canal Street. I hate the faux bags, but there was this Chinese lady who lead us up stairs and into a secret room and we got Chanel & Coach bags. Ooo!!! They're pretty cool, & they look real too. Except the Coach. I didn't buy the Coach, Sierra did. :P I bought this turquoise crinkled Dolce & Gabanna.

Then we went to Neiman Marcus & Sierra got herself these cashmere pajama pants with polka dots all over it (they're kinda cute), and I bought a pair of kitten heels with this chandelier thing over the front (gorgeous!!). Then for the rest of the day we were in Central Park right behind the Met, eating hot dogs from the vendor, talking, and watching a bunch of cute boys play football.

Sounds way more fun than school, right?
Lata. <3

guess whose staying over!

I know that I've been neglecting the whole celeb thing, but I will update tomorrow hopefully. Brendon, Emma, & their daughter Sophie slept over last night in the guest room! I love my niece; she is absolutely adorable. She got me one of those cool snow globes that light up on the inside!! I love it. Of course, we got her the High School Musical 2 DVD. :) She loved it. What can I say? LOL.

Everyone's just beginning to wake up. Yawn. I went shopping yesterday with Sierra and Emma. Here's what I bought:

-a red & orange printed dress
-a tight graphic tee
-a white v-neck sweater

Urban Outfitters
-a printed cami
-a long black cardigan
-2 pairs of jeans (both dark wash & skinny)
-a cute necklace with a clock on the end
-zebra print leggings

Neiman Marcus
-a cream blazer with a high collar & brown buttons
-a gray plush hoodie
-black open toe heels

That's it. I know. What an accomplishment. :) You should've seen Emma's shopping bags!! She practically bought the entire ladies' section at Guess. Except for what I bought, of course.

Well, that's it for today, I think.
Lata. <3

So Sorry!

OMG I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. Don't call me a bitch or anything because I hate to brag. But my family and I went to Aspen. Sorry, Rachel!! I know I've been acting like a bitch, if your reading this. And sorry that I got to go to Aspen and you had to babysit your little cousins who pull your hair and make you watch Go Diego, Go! with you all winter break. :(

We went back to the city just in time for Times Square, and it was so f-in awesome! I didn't get a midnight make-out (that's what Sierra calls it), though. Too bad. :( Whatever. It's not like me & my bf could be together at the same place at the same time. Sierra was hunting for Zac Efron or something because she's totally jealous of Vanessa. LOL.

Well, did you see those pics of Miley Cyrus that were leaked on the internet? Well I feel bad for her, even though I'm not the hugest fan. No offense, but she's not the best dancer in the world. My cousin went to her cousin (she's 10, okay?) and told me that she did nothing but stomp around the stage and raise her hand in the air and stuff. Well, she sang, but we're talking about dancing here.

My big brother is coming home to visit today!! He's coming with his family, of course. :) I get to see my niece! Yay! I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. Sorry, Rachel. I know you really miss your cousin. It just seems like I'm on the lucky side of the penny today. Or whatever. Isn't that some kind of saying? IDK. I've heard it on TV or something.

I'm starving! I better get some breakfast before Brendon comes. Yum...LOL. My dad bought us chocolate chip croissants from The Croissant Shop in the city last night. I'm starving and I can smell them from up here. I just hope Sierra didn't hog all of them.
Lata. <3>