The Jimmy Choo of My Eye

I love this shoe to death!! I saw this in Barneys a few months ago and it took me forever to find online but I finally did on Sugarloot!! It's amazing. ^^ I'm not too sure what I would wear it with, though.

I could wear a gold twist front dress with emerald green accents...or maybe a thrilling white Grecian dress with crystals? I know a few bratty bitches who would die without Swarovski. Oh well. I dunno. Give me your opinion. What should I wear with it? TELL ME.

Although I know I'm probably not going to ever get these shoes, I can dream, can't I? Somehow I'll find a design that's very similar to this one. I always seem to find one. This might have taken me a month to find online, but in no time, with your help, I'll find what I truly need. Wow. -_- That sounded like a cheesy ad. LOL. BTW, sorry I haven't been showing anyone any pics of my outfits, but I can't seem to find the USB for my camera, and that might be a problem. I'll upload my too cute outfit from yesterday as soon as possible!!

Lata. <3
P.S. WHAT I'M WEARING: (this is what I wore to school, babyy!)
-printed hoodie from Asos (pink, orange, yellow, light green, white)
-yellow tank from Target
-dark wash Frankie B jeans from Neiman Marcus
-lucky white Converse sneakers Why are my sneakers lucky? Well, all my friends signed their names on it in a multitude of colors, so they totally match my hoodie. I went for a tomboy look today, but I think it's not bad. Not bad at all, my pretty. ^^