The Handbag of my Eye

When I saw this bag at Nordstrom, I fell in love!! Too bad it's way out of my budget. :( Oh well. Do you know how cute it would look with the gold sequined dress I bought at Bebe for like, $20 (it was on sale)? Too cute. And throw on a pair of black kitten heels and you've got yourself a definite red carpet 10.

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else? Or do they think this is totally UGLY? Tell me what you think. It looks a little old lady-ish if you look at it for a while, but if you keep staring at it, you suddenly realize how ah-mazingly ah-dorable this would look with a sequined gold dress that has a black bow in the back. And some kitten heels from Manolo Blahnik, of course.

I can't stop thinking about this!! It's like, a disease. MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT TOO CUTE HANDBAG.

I'm going to indulge in an illegal shopping crime and start hunting for a knock off. I know, I know, I'm stooping way too low. But I have to have it!! And I'm sure its faux twin is sitting somewhere on a hanger on Canal Street. I just have to find out where...

Lata. <3